As a user and contributor to open source technologies for more than 10 years within academic, small business and corporate environments, I am in a position to formulate an open source policy for your business.

I can help you realise the benefit of open sourcing of in-house software, setting up the community or be a contributor to it.

I can help you leverage open source software technologies to take your business into new level of efficiency or innovation.

My open source projects:

Docker container for deploying a WordPress-based web site on cloud platforms

Download v2 - Show on Github

Description:* Supervisord 3.0 is PID 1 and properly manages all the processes in the container * Uses PHP 7.1 * TLS encryption with Let's Encrypt and automated certificate renewal, configured using Mozilla intermediary profile for server side TLS * Use Nginx 1.13.0 with real_ip, HTTP/2 and TLSv1.3 configured * FastCGI page caching and cache purge compiled in Nginx * docker-compose is now the preferred way to use this Dockerfile, directly or through Ansible * The deployment now relies on git for installing vanilla Wordpress or a Wordpress based web site * Security has been improved on many layers: * Setup of Fail2ban for black-listing ip addresses of attackers * Tightening of file permissions and configuration of server processess and bootstrapping scripts * Security headers in Nginx responses * Pre-installed WP Plugins for using Fail2Ban, reducing XML-RPC attack surface, and enabling Content Security Policy * PGP signature verification of downloaded package through APT or CURL * The Docker image size has been significantly reduced (from 599MB/46layers to 186.1MB/25layers) * uses WP-CLI for managing Wordpress

Prototype of web-based tools to facilitate team-work on film/video productions

Extension to a framework for Test Driven Development