This is the web site for my own consultancy firm.

It is partly built to be a technical showcase, as I’ve built it with a number of web technologies that I end up using for my clients (as appropriate).

The web site is built on top of a content management system, deployed on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform – aka cloud platform – using software container technologies. It has best-in-class encryption, relies on a content distribution network (CDN) for better performances as part of the caching strategy. The web site has a management area for administrating the web site, a client space for clients to access additional information or services and a public area where I publish case studies, white papers, relevant news about applying web technologies to businesses, updates to my open source projects. The web site has also an integration with Paypal payment to allow my clients to set up recurring payments for subscription services (hosting, support)


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