As a practicing senior software engineer I have maintained and shared with my colleagues and partners best practices in developing software. This is a constant push and I have picked up innovative and powerful way to keep programmers engaged in the learning process, whether it be through coding dojos, mentoring, pair programming, lighting talks or formal workshops.

Practicing the state of the art of Internet, Web and software engineering practices, tools and technologies, I have been able to resist fades, embraced genuine disruptive technologies while consolidating on the mature ones. I am happy to share and train your team into this mindset and skill-set.


What is a Coding Dojo?

Coding dojo is an event where programmers comes to practice  test-driven development and pair-programming in order to improve their skills  as a professional software engineers. Software engineering involve a variety of skills, this training cater for the software programming skills.

It’s a group-based activity centred around one computer with one keyboard, connected to a projector.
Everyon sit around amphitheatre-style except for two individual who sit at the computer and work together  at building step-by-step using a test-first approach a program whose requirement has been chosen to exercice a specific sets of software problems called katas. One half of the pair rotate every 5-minutes. The audience cannot talk or make comments. They can only ask questions that would help point the current pair to the right approach. The end results don’t matter, the teaching is to go through  this process on a regular basis. Mastering a skill comes from practice, practice, practice,…

Feel free to contact me if you want me to set-up and organise this event for your team.