Leveraging my 15 years experiences in building software for large and small companies, I can help take your business to a new level using web technologies.

I don’t just create a web presence built to highest professional standards, with the most proven web technologies and prime ranking on search engine with web security in mind…

I help you take your business processes to another level of efficiency, reach and adaptability.

Whether you want to reach new market and cultures, or need to modernise suppliers, administrative interaction or you are looking for process automation or data processing, I can help.


Recent work:


This is the web site for my own consultancy firm. It is partly built to be a technical showcase, as I’ve built it with a number of web technologies that I end up using for my clients (as appropriate). The

Going Green In Hong Kong

Ecosol Ltd is an environmental protection and sustainable development consultancy firm, chiefly represented by her lead consultant, writer and climat auditor Catherine Touzard. She wanted the web site to be a front for selling her critically-acclaimed book “Going Green In


They commissioned me to build a new web site with which staff could easily create, delete  and update content in English and Chinese. Visitors are to be able to easily find supporting, informative content in any format (text, audio, video,

Rija Ménagé, Permaculture Designer

This is the web site to support my activities as a permaculture designer, environmental activist, and gardener. Because these are side activities for me,  I had the unusual requirement of wanting the web site to be a professionally looking one-page

Some of my contribution to the semantic web/web of data has been described in this presentation by former colleague Tom Scott: